noindex – WordPress / Yoast: How to solve the problem with the pagination page?

before switching to YOAST, I was using All in One SEO but I had huge problems with it. There were incompatiblliys which made it impossible to use this plugin later.

Either way, I am facing a paging problem on my website. Here is the example:



This / page / 2 poses SEO problems: double content, double h1, double description, etc.

With all-in-one SEO, I was able to define a term without tracking pages / without indexing. In YOAST, I can't find anything similar.

I guess it's a general wordpress thing.

I was able to find a "solution" for this, but that produces another problem.

If I change the steetings of the permalinks from "postname" to "default" -> page / 2 disappears. But then the links of my pages are not pleasant to read (p? = 123). See the attached example.
post name in permalink settings
bad links after switching to permalinks by default

Can you tell me how to fix it?

Thanks in advance and greetings,

I have a "canonical URL" option in the WordPress Yoast SEO plugin what is the purpose of this?

Basically, I have a main website, but I have to copy my website in 5 subdomains per country. Throughout the website, the content is identical to the variation in prices, currency and language. Someone tells me it will cause duplicate content, but if I set the canonical URL of the main website where I published this content first, it will not cause duplicate content Now , please clarify?

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Yoast SEO settings are not available in an archive page from the wordpress plugin

My WordPress site has the "Seriously Simple Podcasting" plug-in installed to serve the podcast function.

This plugin comes with a podcast archive page (click to open) on my site. The page displays correctly for users, but it lacks 2 important SEO functions:

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  2. I can not change the title H1 from Podcast Archive to everything I would like to have

What can I do to achieve the 2 SEO goals above, if configuration, installation of additional plugins or php code extension?

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