YouTube watch time rules when someone is watching my two video channels, device, browser at the same time

I have 2 YouTube channels and one of my friends has subscribed to both channels. He says that sometimes he simultaneously opens my two video channels, using the same device and the same browser, but using different tabs.

  1. Will I see the time of watching in my two channels in this case?
  2. Will it be treated as an hour of spam monitoring in the future?
  3. Will I be faced with problems in this case in the future?
  4. Will it have an impact when I request monetization?

I had informed him that it was not a good approach and asked him to stop that, but he said that it was not a problem. Can any one please share your thoughts on this? Please advice. I am a new YouTuber, I am learning step by step. Waiting for your answers.

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embed – embedding YouTube video by default

I've uploaded a lot of videos to my channel, but these are not embeddable by default.

I need to click on "Info and Settings", then "Advanced Settings" and finally check the "Allow embedding" box and save each video from my channel one by one.

Is it possible to create a script for all the videos in my channel?

How to enable "Allow embedding" for all new videos in my default channel?

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Is there a javascript bookmarklet to read all videos from a given video channel on Youtube?

Very often, I come across a video on youtube that I like, and I am interested in seeing other videos from the same channel. I wanted a bookmarklet to reopen the video page with other videos from the same channel as the one shown on the right.

The CPM slot for a Youtube channel?

Hi guys, I used to blog for a variety of niches such as e.t.c games, software and tutorials, but nowadays, you know that blogs are not as profitable as small blogs and that YouTube channels dominate. So, if you can suggest me which niche should I choose a youtube channel?
Plus, if you can share with me tips to promote and make my channel one of the best on YouTube. It will be very appreciated.

Can you review this YouTube channel?

I'm not sure that these are the good sub-forums, but I'm doing my best to post here.

Travel Channel on Youtube

1] Is the recording of these videos correct or recorded?
2] Title tag, description, tags are good?
3] How to get more views and subscribers?

Please try to answer as best as you can. Thank you

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