Visas – Double Citizen with New Zealand Passport – No Australian Passport

I am a naturalized Australian born in New Zealand and traveling with my New Zealand passport. My husband and I booked to visit China.

The agent contacted me with the application for a visa assignment number. VEVO sent a message stating that, being an Australian citizen, I do not need such a number.

My last visit to New Zealand was on 01/10 / 18-15 / 10 18. Visa application is for VISA DIRECT SYDNEY, Suite 5.02, Level 5, 134 William Street, Wooloomooloo, NSW-2011.

Do you need to send a passport to the New Zealand Embassy for visa (Indian living in the United States)

We ask for a visa for the trip from Australia. And thought about applying for NZ visa too. But it seems that we may have to send a passport for a New Zealand visa. (The Australian visa does not need it). Does anyone know if we need to send the passport for sure? We have to start traveling before September 26th. So, sending a passport is risky and we are discussing whether we should abandon the plan for New Zealand.

new zealand – Visit Taiwan then China

basically the same question as this thread: Visit Taiwan and China with a single passport

I have the intention of traveling with a New Zealand passport from Auckland to Taiwan, then to China, and then back to Auckland. I am aware of the fact that the thread above was created in 2012 and I wonder if the view "it will be ok" is still true for 2019.

Do I need to obtain an Australian transit visa when I fly to New Zealand?

You need a transit visa:

All visitors to Australia (with the exception of New Zealand passport holders) must obtain a visa, transit visa or ETA before entering Australia (including a trip to Australia). Norfolk Islands).


After completing the form on the Australian visa website, you need a visa:



As the picture shows, this is free, allows you to stay up to 72 hours and is usually processed within 19 days. You can read more details and apply here.

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confidentiality – HIPAA in the United States and HISO in New Zealand outside these countries

We develop software for storage and management of medical records in Australia, with software mainly targeted to Australian health organizations. This requires, among other things, that we comply with Australian privacy principles.

I have two questions that are not immediately clear to me:

  1. This is a SaaS product, where end users register themselves. If any of the United States or New Zealand is registered and we end up inadvertently storing data from patients who reside in these companies, are we breaking the rules? Or is it the best practice to make sure it is not possible?
  2. If we want to voluntarily engage clients from these countries, do we also need to comply with their local codes of health practice? That is to say. if we also want to target customers in New Zealand or the US, is it also a requirement on our part that we adhere to HIPAA, HISO (and all other mandatory requirements), even though we are an Australian company incorporated?

Customs and Immigration – Importing Wooden Trinkets in New Zealand and Australia

I traveled and I picked up wooden trinkets.

I will spend a holiday in New Zealand before returning to Australia.

I know both countries have restrictions on these products.

Obviously, I should declare such items, but I want to avoid losing them at the border.

What are the special customs and how can I avoid confiscating them?

Padma Aon Prakasha

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How to find a good paid job in New Zealand?

How to find a good paid job in New Zealand?

Can a person stay in New Zealand in permanent residence without having to renew his passport?

New Zealand offers unlimited permanent residence, but if the passport has expired and has never been renewed, is the stay in New Zealand valid?

Can any one stay in New Zealand forever with an expired permanent residence passport?