TAIWAN 1U Roommate. 4 TB of traffic at 100Mbps. Premium Road in China included!


For those wishing to use their own equipment rather than a rental server, the following 1U Colo package in Taiwan is for you.

1U, 1AMP rack mounting space – 110V power supply, 4 TB uplink 100 Mbps traffic, 2 IPv4 (1 for IPMI + 1 for Internet). $ 199 / month ORDER


* We can help you buy new or used equipment in Taiwan, so you can get rid of the hassle of shipping and customs paperwork internationally.
* The server must be IPMI / ILO / IDRAC compliant and must already have been configured prior to shipment.
* For latency tests, please visit http://lg.tpe.serverfield.com.tw
* We can accept, PayPal, Bitcoin, Credit Card for online payment. PayPal and credit card payments are subject to the payment processor% 4.5 fees.
* No illegal activity is allowed. In case of detection, the termination will take place without notice or refund.
* Game content to the Taiwanese public is strictly prohibited.
* VPN, Proxy, CDN providers are welcome.
* Registered under the name of Serverfield Co., Ltd. under the new government of Taipei City, Banqiao. Unified company number: 66607099


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