taxonomy terms – Help to show and / or hide exposed filters

I now have a constructed view for a particular type of content that we will call a "part". Then there is a vocabulary "Parts" to assign a taxonomy term or terms to sort this content in my menu. Everything works fine, but I'm wondering if I can apply a filter exposed to just one branch of my menu tree.

So, my view governs:

Part of the content that is attributed to:

"Pieces" (vocabulary for the menu)

  • taxonomy term "part of category A"
  • taxonomy term "part of category B"
  • taxonomy term "part of category C"
  • Taxonomy term "part of category D"

Etc …

I wish I could put a filter exposed only on the taxonomy term "part of category B" but not the rest.

Should I / then build a separate view exclusively for taxonomy term "part of category B", then exclude taxonomy term "part of category B"of the existing view?

Or, is there a way to automatically hide the exposed filter when no content has the aspects attributed to this exposed filter? (It seems like a solution that many are looking for?)

I hope that makes sense. I've read some articles about filter masking, but I have not found a solution yet.

Thanks in advance!