tcpip – How to measure TCP/IP packet loss/packet checksum failure on Windows?

(Windows 10, or Server 2016 or later)

I’m sure there are performance counters that can do this – but the ones I’ve looked at e.g., here at Microsoft’s documentation don’t really name/describe the counters in a way that directly maps to what I want. (For example: “segments retransmitted” sounds like outbound segments only, or is it both inbound and outbound?) Or maybe it’s some monitoring tool I could use.

Here’s my purpose: Having read about QUIC—HTTP/3, I see that one (of several) reasons for moving the protocol to be on top of UDP instead of TCP is that previous improvements – especially multiple streams over one TCP connection – exposed the problem that if any packet is lost all streams are impacted, not just the one victimized by the lost packet. So I just wanted to know, in practice (for me anyway that is) how much of a problem is it? (Not looking for general surveys, you see, just using myself and my setup here as a single (but interesting!) data point. Also not interested in ping – I know how to use that but it doesn’t have anything to do with TCP of course.)

Anyway, what I want to count is: Given say my torrent client which runs several dozen TCP streams simultaneously and continually over the day, how many times a day is there a packet lost that leads to a stream being delayed?

There’s gotta be a Windows utility for this …