techniques gm – First player worried and general player DnD looking for advice!

I need all the help I can get with my first DnD session!

To be honest, I have no role playing experience. I had used to play the role with my friends, but I would not consider this experience in the world of DnD. I was introduced to DnD by The Adventure Zone, Stranger Things and other references from pop culture to gambling. Since my family is the one with whom I share my nerd interests the most, and they are , uh, olderI'm going to be DMing for my parents and my brother. My family is also completely new to DnD and I'm not sure how to prepare it in advance.

I bought the starter kit with dice (to heal me), I am reading the starter kit manuals and I am watching the video or the message I can find regarding the DnD. But from what I hear, it's very difficult to do DM and listening to podcasts makes me so overwhelmed to start.

I just need all the advice I can get, as well as information on which I should read, as well as the rules and history book that came with the starter kit. Anything that could be missing or something that could allay my worries.

Thank you very much in advance!