Telephoto – What's wrong with having telelens without VR?

The general rule of thumb is that for a lens other than virtual reality, an average talented photographer can take a steady picture at a shutter speed of 1 / {focal length}.

So at full zoom, 1/300 of a second is the slowest shutter speed possible, unless your hands are unusually in place. According to the model year, the VR version of this lens compensates for 4-4.5 levels of camera shake. In reality, you are probably looking less in full extension, but 1/60 should be possible for an average photographer.

Assuming you paid the RV and sent the wrong one to you, send it back. Otherwise, no, a VR lens is not strictly necessary, but for the type of shooting you want to achieve, it has a not insignificant value.

You can also check the used parts department at some of the largest camera suppliers. You can often find a recent model Nikkor 80-400 VR in very good condition at about the same price.