Tensor products of group algebras

We know that if $G$ and $H$ are finite groups and $F_p$ is a field of characteristics $p$, then $$F_pGotimes_{mathbb{F}_p} F_pHcong F_p(Gtimes H).$$ Here $otimes_{mathbb{F}_p} $ denotes the tensor products of group algebras over $F_p$.

My question is whether or not there exists any such isomorphism in case of semi-direct products or not, i.e. $$F_pG_1otimes_{mathbb{F}_p} F_pG_2 underbrace{cong}_{?}F_p(Grtimes H),$$ where $G_1$ and $G_2$ are groups related to $G$ and $H$ in some way. Please help.