terminology – To which category belong questions such as "Given n points on a 2D plane …"

Not after a specific answer, do the following questions belong to the same set of problem types?

For n points in the 2D plane, find 4 or 5, or m subset of points with a total less distant from each other than all the other points.


Count n points in the 2D plane, count the number of triangles, squares, etc. that they form.


From n points in a 2D plane, find a point that closes at as many points as possible.

are these questions of optimization? or is there another name for the type of question above, or there can be no category for all questions of the type

Given n points on a 2D plane, find $ cdots $

This question did not seem to be suitable for SO or software engineering, so I ask it here. If it is better that SE asks this question, I will delete this question and put it there (in the reverse order).