terminology – What is "photochromography" and when would it have been used?

I have an old picture of a woman who is in a very thick beveled glass and on the back, she is wearing an impression saying "Photo Chromography". This is an advertisement saying "This is the most recent discovery of photographic science, to which it is possible to reproduce a life." Send any photo or type of tin in They are all made on this thick glass and sold complete with a beautiful metal easel $ 1.50 each and your original photo will be returned from the company Novelty Photo "

First of all, I do not find the word "chromography" online, but simply "chromatography". I would really like to know when this process was used so that I could get an idea of ​​its age. The image of the woman is at the time of the American Civil War, but she could have used any photo from the era for advertising purposes.