testing – What tests, if any, do I have to perform to test e-mail designs before uploading them?

I design a set of emails intended to warn the user to take action before an irreversible change takes place and, for users who have not made it on time, to let them know that the irreversible change has taken place. . This is the first time I've been designing e-mails and I was wondering if I could run tests to try to predict the well-being of my e-mails to get users to click on this CTA that I want to see click .

I searched on Google, but all I could find is recommendations for the a / b tests. I'm just wondering if there are any types of tests that people here use before using e-mail.

This is what I thought until now:

  • 5 second test to test intestinal reaction and disposition.
  • Think about a test of aloud / read comprehension: show wired structures to users and test them to see if the content is clear.

Am I missing something? Am I really going to the sea and the a / b tests should be enough? I would appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you