That's how I earn $ 200 a day – Other opportunities to earn money

You will get $ 5 for every sale you make. This means that, if you show your affiliate link to 100,000 people and 100 of them buy, you will earn $ 500, two methods will be offered below.

First method, investment at $ 0:
1) The first step is to create an account on:
2) Now, get your affiliate link here:, click on "Request for Approval", after which you will see "Your link". affiliate is: … "who will be your link.
3) You will need traffic, so you will need to register on many sites ptc (pay to click), I recommend you to register on the following sites from this site -1- ptc-1, sign up for the top 10 to 20 sites.
4) Now you have to make an effort, and by that I mean you have to click and complete offers and get money, even 1 or 2 dollars on each site will be great.
5) Now is the time to announce your affiliate link, buy banner prints (you can find banners at the bottom of this page), buy clicks, buy n 's No matter what type of advertising you can afford with the little money you have earned.
6) Share the link wherever you can, you can even use traffic exchange sites, post messages, blogs, etc.

Second method, invest $ 5-20:
-This method requires the same steps as in the first method but now, instead of working hard to earn a little money for advertising, you will now invest 5, 10, or even $ 20, why should you make? more traffic, it means that you will make money faster, if you think that $ 20 is a lot, or that it will be a waste, do not worry, with $ 20 you could buy 300 000 views or more, and if these 300 or more visitors buy, that you could get $ 1500 (still calculate that 0.1% of visitors will buy), now $ 20 does not seem so so true ?, find the site the most popular for advertising, but be careful, just because you can buy a few million views for the same price, that does not mean that it's a good source of traffic, if you have doubts about a site, I recommend you read his reviews here en /
-Now that you are ready to invest money, you are not limited to only ptc sites and you only share online, you can now buy advertising on advertising networks, you can find the best here: ranking-30-regies-1, I recommend you not to choose the most expensive, but rather to search for advertising sites offering a large number of UNIQUE visitors at low prices .

It is important that this be done on as many sites as possible. Thus, a greater number of different people will visit the link.