The emails of my site are found in the "Spam" folder of Hotmail and Gmail – Hetzner Hosting

Hi people

I have a site hosted at Hetzner and I use one of the web hosting packages (shared hosting).


  1. E-mails sent from the site are found in the "Spam" folder of Hotmail and Gmail, but in the "Inbox" when sent to the site's own webmail (for example, .
  2. Hetzner Support confirmed that my DKIM / SPF / DMARC was correctly configured and that my site was not sending the proper header and had to be properly configured in the sending script for these emails.
  3. I run a classified website using the Osclass script ( and people hosting their sites on other hosting companies do not encounter any such problem.

I've noticed that some sites based on Osclass scripts use Hetzner hosting. If anyone on this forum running the Osclass site on Hetzner had such a problem and solved it, please let me know how you did it. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Sorry if I posted in the wrong section.

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