The era of true blockchain technology is coming!

Whether they accept or refuse, the steps of the blockchain "invading" our daily lives can not be stopped.

Fresh food and rice at the supermarket have a detectable two-dimensional code; mutual insurance products are launched on the blockchain; By taking the Shenzhen Metro and Shenzhen-Hong Kong taxis, we can also use the mobile phone to issue blockchain electronic invoices ourselves.

Businesses that shut their ears by stealing a bell and keeping the blockchain technology at 800 km were inevitably attacked by blockchain technology.

Facebook's social giant has recently aired news of R & D tokens; JPMorgan Chase, who has attacked Bitcoin three times, also announced the announcement of the symbolic JPM coin issue this year.

In short, all signs point to a point. When the token bubble is reduced, technology and landing become the hot topic. Large companies and entities have repeatedly thrown olive branches in the blockchain. It is time to abandon prejudice and adopt the era of blockchain. When the public no longer wears stained glasses and re-examines technology, the impact of blockchain technology on life and even on the global picture will be subversive.

Today, we are taking AtoX, an emerging project based on fourth generation blockchain technology, as an example to discuss the impact of blockchain technology on various industries. AtoX has a carefully selected super confidence node, the most sophisticated RPCA protocol, and reaches an almost infinite transaction speed via an inter-channel lightning network. Based on strong technical advantages and advanced functions, AtoX has developed a multi-path development model and continuously expanded the implementation of application scenarios:

Transfer, cross-border transfer

Cross-border remittances based on blockchain technology allow users to make transfers at lower cost and at a faster rate with a decentralized mechanism. This is the most important application scenario for AtoX.

Smart invoices
The financial billing industry has always been a hot area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication for blockchain technology. The architecture and underlying technical characteristics of AtoX support the pan-financial sector by providing businesses with a promise trading system based on a chain of blocks.

Application of the securities and investment markets
In the securities market, AtoX blockchain technology can be applied to the registration and issuance of securities, the clearing and settlement of securities, etc. full transaction time of T + 0. By establishing smart contracts on the blockchain to turn securities into digital smart assets, these contracts will stipulate the rights and obligations of participants, the automation of the execution will be carried out in the form computer program and the cost of manual operation will be reduced again.

Smart payment scenario application
The traditional payment model relies on the trust of the center and the intermediary. AtoX's blockchain technology offers programmability, scripting based on the specific transaction mode, and automatic completion of payment when certain conditions are met. The development of smart contracts may result in the disappearance of intermediate links, such as various conditional warranty payments and various types of payment activities by an agency.

Other industries
AtoX is an underlying public blockchain system with exclusive intellectual property rights. It has the characteristics of blockchain technology and can be applied in several industries. AtoX is committed to making the industry an alternative in the cross-border payments industry, but other financial derivatives can be launched simultaneously to expand its ecosystem applications more broadly.

The giant wheel of time advances, it is the true epoch where survive those who blow before and those who resist resist!