The external hard drive mounts to a different location / media each reboot and partially to that location

The graphical file application always displays my external drive consistently under "Other Location". The external driver calls dropbox.

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From the terminal, I get 4 supports for this hard drive.

dir /media/john
dropbox  dropbox1  dropbox2  dropbox3

And even stranger, I receive different points of view on each of these 4 frames.

john@john-ubuntu:~$ dir /media/john/dropbox3/transcription_db
john@john-ubuntu:~$ dir /media/john/dropbox2/transcription_db
run_results  tensorboard_logs
john@john-ubuntu:~$ dir /media/john/dropbox1/transcription_db
john@john-ubuntu:~$ dir /media/john/dropbox/transcription_db

Most of the time, one of them contains the complete list of files, but sometimes each captures only a partial view.

Is there a way to correct the location of the external hard drive installation?