The Gnome Disks utility has locked the hard drive

I used the Lubuntu test bench to format many hard drives before the sale.
I use the Gnome Disks utility to make sure the drives leave the company clean and all of my data is erased.
My system supports SATA HOT PLUG and, during a large number of disks, the power connectors were exchanged for drives that were moved and erasing was interrupted.
I know that the secure erase command must lock the drive with a password before erasing.
I've tried using MHDD to unlock my drives, which are now inaccessible, but my SUDO password does not seem to unlock them. I was looking for a detailed manual for the DISKS utility, but I can find nothing more than a short page stating what the utility does.

Does anyone know if this tool randomizes the password for each erased drive, and that I am stuck with locked drives like 10 ATA PASSWORD that are basically unwanted, or does it use a word of standard pass for each erase?

Could you please anybody to provide me with information, or contact with the DEVS of the tool so that I can analyze the tool to the point of whether this is worth worth my time, even trying to guess a password.

If the password is random, the user must be fully warned that the player must be locked in case of power surge or interruption.

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