Demo information;
User Name DEMO: admin
Password DEMO: 123456789

Price list

MENSUEL1: Silver Package, monthly rental (not including free accommodation): 15USD / Monthly
MONTHLY 2: Golden Package, monthly rental (includes free accommodation): $ 25 / Monthly

SINGLE SHOPPING: Unlimited Gold Package: 60 USD / Once

3D secure payment security
The largest shopping center

What is the difference with other scripts?

  • You can know how much money you earn through the net gain system, we do not say the charges, we have developed a system that calculates how much you have earned with direct orders. (ONE of us in the world)
  • You can get an order with a user name or link.
  • Please activate your profile if it is confidential. An error message appears during your order.
  • @Xxx profile or the current order for a similar picture while the current order is not available on this link or on behalf of the user.
  • With our service extraction feature, an API click automatically transfers the services you choose to the site based on the profit rate you specify.
  • The drip flow feature is available on the site even if you do not have a drip stream, you can add services.
  • You can increase your earnings by performing an automatic tasting, posting or recording sales.
  • You can add automatic services as packages. (It takes x2 times your earnings.)
  • You have a chance to identify the support service (ONE in the world)
  • Users with the authority you have defined on your site with a chance to work are available.
  • With superior security protection, your site is protected against data theft by encrypting databases.

Main characteristics

  • – 5 different payment methods (PayTR, Paywant, Buypayer, Shopkeeper and bank payments) Automatic collection.
  • – Password recovery system with SMS.
  • – You can send bulk messages to your customers with email and SMS systems.
  • – You can automate the commands by adding an API.
  • – No refunds are made automatically.
  • – You can write in the specific areas of the panel via the administration panel.
  • – The logging system with members can review the operations.
  • – You can freeze the accounts of passive members of a date.
  • – Your customers can fire on your API site.
  • – You can see the total amount of balance loading.
  • – Automatic removal of APIs on sites that control the balance and the amount less than the amount of notifications by SMS or e-mail.
  • – With the support system, you can help with the problems of the members.
  • – You can make specific prices to members.
  • – You can share your ads with the ad system.
  • – You can get a command with a user name or link.
  • – With the net gain system, you can calculate your turnover. (If you sell the product you bought 2 TL with a profit of 50 kurus, the system will calculate it)
  • – Drip-Feed function available. You can make this action active / passive, even if the API site does not provide a thread.
  • – You can add automatic assessment and monitoring services.
  • – Manual notification is active. You can tell us which orders you manually add by SMS.
  • – If the balance on the site is over or there is another problem, you can resubmit it en masse again it leaves the orders pending.
  • – Precautions not to place 2 times on the same profile.
  • – You can view your statistical reports over 365 days. (Payment orders)

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