The player does not move easily when I try to follow the position between the cursor and the player. 2D unit

When the player moves, moving the camera gives the impression that the camera is teleporting to the player and then again after recharging. I want to get things done smoothly.

Next code camera:

Private update void ()
Vector3 position = GetFollowingPoint ();
position = new Vector3 (
Mathf.Clamp (position.x,
Bounds.bounds.min.x + Camera.orthographicSize * Screen.width / Screen.height,
Bounds.bounds.max.x - Camera.orthographicSize * Screen.width / Screen.height),
Mathf.Clamp (position.y,
Bounds.bounds.min.y + Camera.orthographicSize,
Bounds.bounds.max.y - Camera.orthographicSize),

transform.position = position;

GetFollowingPoint ():

return Player.transform.position + (cursor.transform.position - Player.transform.position) / 3;