The poor man's guide to traffic

When I first started affiliate marketing, I had little money, so I had to learn techniques to generate free traffic. I wanted to show you in a way that I created free traffic to my first affiliate marketing sites:

This assumes that you are using long tail keywords with searches ranging from 300 to 500 per month. A good tool for finding long tail keywords is Ubersuggest. Some of you may already do it (but this is for new members). Ok, so here is my suggestion of traffic …

1) Create a new Google Account with Gmail. Once your Google Account is created, you can use Google Alerts. This is a great tool for finding internet conversations related to your long tail keyword. To create a Google Alert for your long tail keyword. It will display the websites linked to your keywords as you enter them. This Google Alert will also be sent to your Gmail account. A daily Google alert for the long tail keyword "Natural Weight Loss" will return, via email, a list of press releases, press articles and other web content related to "loss". of natural weight ".

Use these Google Alerts to visit websites that address your niche topic and leave a comment on the blog, forum, or news site. It is also the ideal tool to search for publishing opportunities for guests! Visit the website and see if they allow viewing as a guest. Some websites will allow you to add backlinks to your website in exchange for your articles. It takes very little effort to contact a website owner about posting as a guest … especially if his domain authority is about 50+.

But be careful, do not just go on a blog and post a comment or write an article with "I have a website that sells natural products to lose weight. right here"In general, I do not even mention the fact that I'm selling weight loss products … I could comment on the content of their article or write an article related to their topic on the blog. I never mention anything about my website in my comment or guest comment … just add the requested back link for posting. A back link from a high domain authority website associated with your long tail keywords will certainly allow you to progress in Google search engine rankings.

With this method … you sometimes have to become a member, post a certain number of times, or become a post-writer, etc. to leave your backlinks … but it will be quality backlinks in your niche. Google likes this!

Be sure to leave a mix of backlinks on different websites that are your main keyword, an LSI keyword (linked to the keyword) and a raw keyword (your website). You want your backlinks to mix uniformly, so your keyword profile in Google does not seem useful.

Tip: I use Firefox and I have a free SEO Bar plug-in that checks every site I visit from Google Alerts to view the domain authority of the site. So, I can see if it is worth it to post a comment or write an article. Chrome should also offer a plugin.

It's an excellent free search tool (Google Alerts) that allows you to find niche-related websites to publish your backlinks … which has to spend hundreds of dollars on software.

2) I'm doing the same thing on the social media side with the free SocialMention… target long tail keywords using the small blog and microblog links above the search.

Finally, try to visit a few websites a day and leave a comment or query if you can become a guest writer. You will have massive traffic in no time!

I can not put links yet … so do a search on Google if you want to find the companies mentioned in this post.

I hope this helps you,