The promise of the Google Drive API does not come back at all when it is called from an AWS Lambda function (but works properly locally)

We call the Google Drive v3 API (with OAuth2 permission) to list the files on the drive. It works fine when it is run locally from my Mac, but if the function is deployed on AWS Lambda and called from there, the call will simply not be forwarded. I'm waiting for a promise to resolve or reject, but that promise never comes back, nor in. Then neither .Catch or .finally.

The parameters transmitted to the call locally and in Lambda are exactly the same. The only difference I can see is that Lambda is running on node 10.17 and local is running on node 10.15.

When I look a little further into the API code, this one eventually calls a common apirequest.js file that calls Google OAuth2's .request () client method. Here again, locally and in the Lambda, the parameters are identical. This .request () client call returns a promise that is never resolved or rejected by Lambda. When it is run locally, it resolves as expected.

You will find below the parameters passed to the OAuth2 client.

url: '',
method: 'GET',
paramsSerializer: (Function),
        'x-goog-api-client': 'gdcl/3.1.1 gl-node/10.17.0',
        'Accept-Encoding': 'gzip',
        'User-Agent': 'google-api-nodejs-client/3.1.1 (gzip)' 
        pageSize: 200,
        fields: 'nextPageToken, files(name, id, parents)',
        'mimeType="application/" and trashed=false',
        supportsAllDrives: true,
        supportsTeamDrives: true,
        includeItemsFromAllDrives: true,
        driveId: '0AOWo32MbqS8pUk9PVA',
        corpora: 'drive'
validateStatus: (Function),
retry: true

Any help, advice or ideas are welcome 🙂

Thank you