The storage of the device increases gradually after updating Android for no reason

I have an Android smartphone whose internal storage memory becomes bigger and bigger after every software update for no obvious reason. I have looked everywhere on the internet but the answers were pretty much suggestions that I have already encountered and tested.

The phone's memory is about 16 GB. During each of the last four software updates, the memory is about 14 GB, which leaves about 2 GB available. As many of my SD card applications are updated in the next few days, they are normally stored in the phone's memory, and then I move them to the SD card after the update is complete. Over a month or so, as new apps are updated and moved, storage gradually increases to almost 15.5 GB and my phone shows a limited storage error and all others items (the email does not refresh, no more). applications are updated, etc.). The only solution that seems to erase the memory of 14-14.5 GB is another Android software update.

What I have tried until now (daily):

  • Moving old and unused applications and files to an external SD card.
  • Cleaning the cache from Android settings, cleaner apps and by
    wipe the cache partition (blue screen when starting Android).