The strong economy proves that Trump is worth it. The record economy of Bill Clinton proves nothing. Right?

EVERY republican president does that. He spends as if there was no tomorrow, accumulates a huge debt and cuts taxes in order to further indebt him (but only for the rich). THEN he says "Look how I stimulated the economy!" Then there is a recession, caused by the huge, sudden increase in debt. And he attributes that to the Democrats.

Since the Great Depression, we have experienced several recessions. They were appointed (fairly or not) in honor of the president who was stationed at the time they hit. We had two Eisenhower recession, a TERRIBLE Nixon recession, a Reagan recession, a GHW Bush recession (that's the economy, stupid) and a GW Bush recession. Notice a reason? All the presidents of the REPUBLIC. EVERY Republican President for 90 years!

In fact, these days, we only have one Democratic president after a Republican president threw the economy into the ditch. Some economists believe that Trump's recession may occur during his first term. Excuse me, I mean during his SINGLE term.