The use of animation can positively extend the journey of the user

When users use an application or website, different levels of effort and cognitive load are required at each stage of the user's journey.

Although various negative factors cause a bad user experience could potentially shorten a user's journey, Would it be possible for different types of animation, such as micro-interactions and transitions, to have a positive impact on the lengthening of the user's journey?

This could be analogous to the way some games reward users with video clips, animations, or virtual rewards at the end of a task or goal.

In the same logic, does providing small doses of delicious animation at the end of each task / goal can lengthen the user's journey?

for example. compare by displaying a confirmation of registration animation at the end of a long registration form, compared to a static confirmation message. the version containing the animation would it have a positive effect on the rest of the course of the users?

Have any research been done on this subject or do you have any experience or examples that could be related to this?