theming – DrupalVM not working

I followed the DrupalVM installation for windows 10. I got the following message when I ran “vagrant up” after installation, and it seems Drupal VM box is ready to use, but when I enter “http://dashboard.drupalvm.test” in browser, the page does not load. Please suggest.

==> drupalvm: Machine ‘drupalvm’ has a post vagrant up message. This is a message
==> drupalvm: from the creator of the Vagrantfile, and not from Vagrant itself:
==> drupalvm:
==> drupalvm: Your Drupal VM Vagrant box is ready to use!
==> drupalvm: * Visit the dashboard for an overview of your site: http://dashboard.drupalvm.test (or
==> drupalvm: * You can SSH into your machine with vagrant ssh.
==> drupalvm: * Find out more in the Drupal VM documentation at