theming – full-width hero image in drupal

I am trying to implement a simple hero image feature for a site I am creating (using drupal 9). It seems that there are may ways to go about this, and I hope someone might be able to guide me to a good one. One important detail: on this site, each node will have its own hero; a single hero for multiple pages won’t work here.

I am using bootstrap 4 for my theming. And I’m able to get close to what I want by using the bootstrap jumbotron feature. The problem, though, is that with my jumbotron inside the content region of a page, I can’t get drupal to render the hero to the full window width–only the narrower width of the content element (which makes sense).

I’ve thought about trying to use some sort of block arrangement above the content. But then I can’t figure out how to get node-specific images to display. That is, I can get a nice hero to show up, but it’s the same for multiple pages.

Any thoughts on how to implement a node-specific, full-width hero would be a huge help. Thanks.