theming – How to replace the theme for quicktabs that actually makes a view

In D8, I want to display a view with the help of quicktabs. For that, I first created a view file and called the view via QT. The view is well displayed through QT. Now, I want to change the appearance of the view. Please look in the view screen that I created before.enter the description of the image here

Now, based on the theme suggestions below, I have created the file. block - quicktabs-block - gallery-tab.html.twig to replace it and place it under the "templates" folder of my theme.

When I write something fixed like "Hello Test" in the block - quicktabs-block - gallery-tab.html.twig, his watch is good. However, when I tried to do something dynamic coded as below, nothing appeared.

{% if title%}


{% end if %} {% for key, line in line%} {% if key in rows_with_tabs%} {{}} Tabs
{% end if %} {% if key in rows_with_page_starts%} {% for page_key, page in rows_with_page_starts%} {% if key == page%}