theming – views.view.unformated.html.twig taxonomy conditional if/else

I am trying to get to the field_news_type term_id/label. I can print the field and I get the term label. Need guideance to be able to select which one I want to use.

{{ fields.field_news_type.content }} //prints the term 'Grid 2' which is correct.

I am trying to get either the label or term_id, so I can do a conditional. The below does not work. I have tried many variations. I have not found an answer that has produced a working result. Can someone guide me to finding the correct way to print this out in a views template page?

{% if fields.field_news_type.target_id == '2871' %}

I can use this for a node template page and it works…but not in the views twig file.

{% if content.field_research_focus_areas('#items').getValue() %}