Three Features Removed From Old School RuneScape – Forex Training

Greetings, other scapers. Today's blog will be a bit different from the usual messages when we talk about something new, whether it's a method of making money or updating content. Today, let's look at what has been removed in the course of OSRS history (do not worry, no one has removed all your OSRS gold from your bank).

Random Events

Yes, we know that random events have not been removed as a concept. However, some events have been removed, eg Evil Ent, Exploding Rock, Rock Golem, Tree Spirit and many others. These events were dangerous because they could damage the player or move / remove his equipment. I'm pretty sure to speak for all of us when I say we're glad they were removed.
The random events that are currently in OSRS have also been changed: players can now choose to ignore them or participate in them. This usually results in the fact that players reject all events except one – Genie (your culprit is also guilty of this).

The reason these events exist in the first place is that they are directed against robots, hence their denomination "anti-macro events". These vary in complexity and this is the goal: to encourage robots not to solve various problems, then to collect this data and to prohibit 100% of confirmed robots. As you can imagine, it takes more than an unresolved puzzle to determine that the account is a real bot because players do not necessarily solve these puzzles 100% of the time. That's another reason they were fired. Sometimes, players do not solve the puzzle, not because they failed to do it, but simply because they were AFK. Keep in mind the dangerous events that have existed and you have a perfect storm: the bots have finally become smarter and have managed to solve these interactions with varying reliability and all these wounded features are real players that are everything simply passed from AFK or distracted. All this is a thing of the past and we can only thank the game developers for recognizing the problem and listening to the community.

Commercial counter

The trading post was a feature introduced about a year before the release of the Grand Exchange and was removed once the GE was built in the northwest of Varrock. It operated as an auction house and players could place almost any exchangeable item at a trading post for sale. Unlike the GE, however, players could see the names of those who sell their items. The most interesting feature of this feature is that you can access it through your bank, which was very convenient. Players have access to six object slots and can swap an item at any price they wish. Bundles of items have also been introduced with this feature, which has saved a lot of space even as this feature has also been integrated with GE.


Sailing began as an April Fool's joke, but was then seriously considered part of the game. Many features had already been developed before players voted against adding it to a poll. Sailing was a skill available in free-to-play and was supposed to allow players to build boats and revitalize the spirit of Age of Discovery. Players were expected to build their boats and explore various islands, with a higher level of sailing expected to provide better rewards. If it had been approved, it would be the first new jurisdiction added to OSRS, instead of Protection.

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