tickets – Amsterdam to Bollenstreek with Day Pass

I think you mean the €8.50 daypass from this page.
That is one from the GVB, the Amsterdam city public transport company. Those passes are only valid on the transports from that company and I am sure that those do not go all the way to the ‘Bollenstreek’.

There are other buses and those will have day tickets as well as one way or limited time tickets, or you can buy an OV card and load it with credit, you need €4.50 on it to use it, you check in when you get on, you tap it to the screen again when you are ready to leave the bus and the system takes off what you actually need to pay.

Depending on where you want to go you might find a train more suitable. Again you can buy tickets, (€1 extra for a one time card, €0.50 extra if you buy from a ticket window rather than a machine, and those do add up.) On your OV card you need at least €20 for a train ride, but the method is the same, check in and check out, the system takes the credit of the system.

Note of warning. The Bollenstreek is mostly a touristy destination in spring, by June most of the spring flowers will be gone, in July there will be only other kinds of flowers and not the famous coloured fields.

You can find more information on time tables on the railway planner and the general public transport planner, which also have the prices of the tickets and might sell you a ‘print it yourself’ version of the cards.

If you have a GVB pass, this planner has the option (in extra options) to select only GVB routes, so ones you can use your pass.