Timeline facebook – Recovery of a deleted video (duration 6 minutes) from the wall of Antonis Chimonas (06.04.2019)

This is a video of 6 minutes and 2 seconds, posted on my wall (Antonis Chimonas) … I asked yesterday that the video be retrieved by the team fb, and in less than 30 minutes. one day, the video was sent, but not all that … can you please explain me why is it only of 26 seconds duration ? Could you get the full version and send it to me somewhere, because there is nowhere else. Please explain to me what can be done because I do not have any other alternative and the video has also been shared with ασιλική. Μελέτη (and it was also removed from its wall at the same time, because it was on the one hand ….). The other 2 videos recovered were complete and complete. I'm waiting for your answer. Thanks in advance!