Tips – Share Profit

You are looking for advice on how I can explain why I want to get a higher percentage of the profits of a company I worked with last year. I think I deserve more than what they offer and I would like to know if you believe I should ask for more as we negotiate the terms for the next 2 years.

Background: I work with the exclusive distributor of a unique niche product in the UK. The distributor also holds the patent for the product from manufacturers based abroad. There are 4 in total.

In short, I approached them last year and offered to help them to make their brand and product better known. They agreed and we had an informal but written 12-month agreement providing for the following wage incentives:

Share options to reach goals in 12 months

Websales Commission (after costs 100% of sales in the UK and 20% of worldwide sales) – They realized profits on sales in the UK because they actually sold the product at wholesale prices, so that their profits represented the difference between wholesale price and cost price. They also got the rest, 80% of global sales. The proportion of 100% that they offered me for the UK is due to the fact that their market and their demand were zero.

Percentage bonus on sales of other existing smaller distributors if my outreach has impacted the number of orders

I could also buy their product at a preferential rate to create myself a smaller distribution network.

I've taken over all their social media accounts by creating my own content and my own initiatives. Subscribers from 200 to 12,000 on IG

No salary was paid and no marketing budget was provided (initially, with stock options). I worked hard to raise awareness and make sales, and my commissions and bonuses were actually paid for my own marketing.

The results of the first year are below, they recognize that these results are only mine.

Websales – from scratch to between £ 5,000 and £ 7,000 a month, sales are mostly in the UK; the most generous 100% I got – the website receives 6 to 800 visits a day from the content of the IG account only.

Wholesale distribution – They saw their sales increase by 275% (this includes my purchase as a distributor)

Now that the 12 months are up, they have given up on stock options and they also want to change the commission percentage on the website so that it reaches 50/50, so as to increase their share of sales in the UK because that 's where the money comes in. reduces my income significantly.

My problems are with

Websales divided, I am the only one to generate sales on the site and, in addition, they do not offer any funding for marketing initiatives generating sales, I know that I deserve more than 50% but just looking for another perspective . They do not propose to do more for this 50% share. To add it, there is only one member of the team who is involved in the operational part of the company and he takes care of all the logistics for the website, so that the packaging and the dispatching are assured. The other 3 are based at the manufacturing plant abroad and do not participate in the day-to-day management of the company. I want a majority profit divided by these sales.

For stock options, it was my motivation to achieve my goals, like a "financial capital", which allowed me to spend my own money to market the brand because I had some of what I was helping to achieve. make grow. Now that it's no longer on the table, I have the feeling that I have worked like this under false pretenses, it's like working hard for your salary, and then at the end of the year, a person you ask him to return your salary. to be rewarded for this in another way?

I know it's a bit long, I just wondered about general ideas