To sell – [AZcaptcha]Captcha Decoder An unlimited number of reCAPTCHA2 solutions – $ 24.9 / month only! +++ | NewProxyLists


Captcha's resolution is a project and a serious business. It is hard to accept that it is expensive and can never be cheap. However, has developed a unique way to offer a premium captcha resolution service along with other desired benefits targeted at the user's finances.

The decoder Captcha V.I.P. package is a subscription offered to a limited number of users via a monthly subscription. Which means all VPs members pay only 1 € per month and solves captchas for FREE and infinitely.

VIP. Member Benefits

– Captcha FREE FREE Unlimited Resolution on normal image captchas.
– FREE and unlimited Captcha resolution on reCAPTCHA v2 captchas.
– Premium Support …
– more credit fees as you go!
– unlimited A.P.I. access to calls.
– Resolution rates and faster times.


Price only $ 24.9 a month

$ 1.8 / 1k solver Recaptcha and
$ 0.4 / 1k Captcha images decoded

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