Tokex – – HYIPs

The description:It is common knowledge that to be able to exchange tokens, they must be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges where the price will be low and similar on all stock exchanges.
TOKEX offers you to sell tokens at the highest price on the market.
At the moment, centralized trading is the most commonly used, but investors face a number of difficulties when they deal with it. The first and most important problem is that the sale of ICO chips must be completed. Tokens can only be exchanged after that. The period before registration can last up to 90 days! On TOKEX, the most popular token could be listed shortly after it goes live.

Another problem is that centralized exchanges do not provide the anonymity of the users and do not completely control the funds.
This creates privacy risks, which poses vulnerabilities to hacker attacks.
The price of tokens is another crucial disadvantage: centralized trading has an influence on the price of the chip market. The latter can be significantly reduced due to the high number of cryptocurrencies on the exchanges and fees charged. On the TOKEX platform, you will get the best price of chips on the market. The user can sell tokens on the TOKEX platform in a completely anonymous way.

Investment plans:
7% after 10 days, main principal
5% per day for 30 business days, including principal
30% per week for 8 weeks, including principal
133% per month for 3 months, including principal

Accepted wallets:
BTC, LTC, ETH, Ripple, Dash and tons of other parts

Type of withdrawal:
withdrawal limits: BTC – 0.0002; LTC – 0.03; XRP – 28; BCH – 0.006; BTG – 0.07; BNB – 0.17; DASH – 0.005; DGB-90; DOGE – 430; ETN – 130; TRX – 50; TUSD – 1; WAVES – 0.3; VTC – 3.4; XMR – 0.02; XVG-145; ZEC – 0.017; ETH – 0.006

Reference system:
3 levels: 6-3-1%
representatives: 10-3-1%