tracing – How to visualize a series of time differences?

Question: Given a series of times, how do we visualize the time between dates?

The context

I have data of the following structure:

{"2018-07-31 21:32:52", "2018-07-31 22:12:27",
"2018-08-02 19:11:59",
"2018-08-02 19:12:40"}

A list containing a list of two dates as the first element and their difference as the second element. This data comes from user interactions with a series of questions and we want to know how much time it took to answer, in minutes.

What I've tried

So I tried to create a Grid to display the data where all the two lines, we display the difference. However, this does not have the immediate visual effect that a graphic might have.

I've also planned to use TimelinePlot which has an "interval" capability. I did the following:

TimelinePlot[DateObject[#]& / @ listOfDates]

which produces something significant (see graph) but some dates are stacked vertically where, I think, everything that is horizontal would be better.

Example of a chronological plot