tracing – Mapping a list in a live trace

Consider the following list

list = {{1,1,1}, {1,2,1}, {1,3,2}, {1,4,2},
{2,1,1}, {2,2,2}, {2,3,2}, {2,4,2},
{3,1,1}, {3,2,2}, {3,3,3}, {3,4,3},
{4,1,2}, {4,2,3}, {4,3,3}, {4,4,3}};

The list is composed of sub-lists in the form of {x, y, value}, where the first and second elements are the coordinates and the third element is a value to be assigned in the phase plot.

In the example above, a different color would be assigned to a different number (for example, 1 – blue, 2 – red, 3 – green).

The result should look like this

enter the description of the image here

This is a simplified example of a much larger data set, with very small spacings between the {x, y} values, which should eventually produce multiple colors representing phases.