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Received a letter today regarding the violation of the mark of a product in my store. I have already removed the product, but how are we legally protected for it? The product is generated from Amazon

——————————-Letter—————— ————————————————– ——————

To whom It May Concern,

It has been brought to our attention that you use the set of travel dog bowls and the Feed My Pooch trademarks in violation of numerous international and national criminal laws, as well as civil laws relating to counterfeit goods. brands.

We are the exclusive distributors and owners of the Feed My Pooch brand. We have never allowed you, or any third party, to sell our brand, or to sell you inventory for resale.

This will serve as your legal notice to prohibit all actions described above, including any mention of our products / companies on your lists on markets, websites or marketing efforts.

You are hereby requested to immediately comply with this letter or to face legal sanctions under international law (International Bureau of WIPO located in Geneva, Switzerland), federal law and applicable states.


Alex Johnson

Brand Manager, Feed My Pooch