transactions – In Electrum, how does one watch/poll a wallet for an incoming payments to a certain address via API?

I want to create a simple way to accepting bitcoins on my own, using Electrum. I don’t except big volume. I suppose, I’d have at most a handful of incoming payments in the beginning.

That is, I generate an address, a new one for each checkout where Bitcoin is selected as a payment method. And then I’ll need to watch an address, via API of Electrum, for an incoming payment of a certain amount. The 1st confirmation, at least, which will have to arrive within, I suppose, 1 hour.

How can it be implemented? I don’t need the code, but a high level explanation: what API to use, potential caveats and suggestions in general.


I’m aware of this – , but it won’t work for me. I’m a developer, therefore I can create a simpler solution and which I also could customise however I like.