Transit – Is there a daily tariff cap on the Taipei MRT?

My wife is Taiwanese, so we visit her family in Taipei every other year. In general, I am familiar with the Taipei MRT network. That's why I intend to try the equivalent of the Taipei Tube Challenge, visiting each station on the brown, red, green, orange and blue lines as quickly as possible (as well as the first section of the yellow line if it is open at that time).

I have an Easy Card and I am aware that the maximum fare for one way is $ 65, charged according to the distance or if you spend too much time inside the network without making contact (90 minutes?). However, there will be sections where I will run between the stations on foot. As I am going to potentially accumulate a number of maximum fares, is there a daily limit on the Taipei MRT similar to the London Underground? If not, are there any other ways to have a day-to-day access to the network for a fixed price, similar to a day-long passenger?