transit – Requirements when transiting Italy

I’m a Danish citizen looking to travel from Albania to Denmark transiting Italy.

My plan is to fly from Tirana to Copenhagen with a 16hr stop in Milan.

I have four questions:

  1. Is it possible for me change airports during my transit (Milan>Bergamo)? Aka am I allowed to leave the airport if I’m transiting?
  2. Are there any forms that need to be filled out more than 12hrs before arrival?
  3. Do I need to show a negative test even though I have a vaccine passport?

Is there anything else that would prevent me from being able to take this route?

I know this seems like a basic and obvious question, but I’m hyper-vigilant as I just had a terrible experience where I couldn’t transit Greece without a form which needed to be filled out the day before.

Thanks any advance for any help.