Travel insurance for snow risk when renting a car

I'm planning a vacation in the Queenstown area of ​​New Zealand in July.

The plan is to arrive at Christchurch Airport, pick up a rental car and drive to Queenstown and spend about a week traveling the area.

What I'm wondering is the rather plausible scenario that the weather is bad, the roads are closed and what is the best way to mitigate the scenario, so as not to let me forget. that is to say. the worst case scenario is that I arrive in Christchurch, that hotels and activities are booked in Queenstown, but that I can not go there because of a closed road.

I have a credit card with free travel insurance, but the terms are pretty vague:

you have arranged the trip is canceled or delayed by the carrier due to unexpected:

Where "the carrier" is not defined, but it is likely an airline, or possibly a bus provider, but probably not a car. rental or a government authority that closes the roads.

What is the best way to mitigate this kind of problem?

  • Is there any particular type of travel insurance that covers this type of scenario?
  • Just buy a refundable housing?
  • And if I also bought a bus ticket, making the trip eligible for travel insurance?

I imagine that it is a fairly common problem – so, I wonder what is the usual way to treat people.