Troubleshooting – Why did some of my shots taken with the shoot come back with a third of white or orange light?

My condolences for the release of your photos. It is always disappointing to get a movie and find it in such bad shape.

You appear to have a camera problem related to film advancement, potential light leaks, and possibly an improper developer / printer handling problem that caused the correct alignment to fail negatives.

If you look at the top photo, on the right side, you can distinguish elements from what appears to be at least one other image, possibly two. Suggesting that the film did not advance far enough into the camera to move on to cleaning the film before the next shot. When multiple pictures are taken on the same film area, the final picture will be brighter and overexposed if there was a lot of light in that part of the scene.

It is difficult to say whether other problems were light leaks or overlapping exposures without knowing the real scene. But many of them look like light penetrating through seals at the back of the camera.

The final alignment of the printout may be due entirely to the poor spacing of the camera images, careless operator surveillance, or an automated computer system that attempts to not automatically detect the edges of the images.

  • It's usually a good idea to consider any camera you do not know as being "down" rather than assuming it's working properly. Unfortunately, many are not in good shape and even the cameras that we think will work well may fail us.

The camera may be intended to sit on a shelf as an art at this stage.

If you need to use a lab to develop your photos, strongly plan to use services that allow the return of negatives if you are not already there. There could be more usable images than those provided in the printouts, but if you use a service that throws your negatives and returns only impressions / scans, then you are totally at the mercy of the technology, but the things lined up for printing.