Try to find out what is a specific running instruction (Oracle)

I'm trying to see what's happening on my Oracle instance at the moemnt. I have a big INSERT statement that unloads data into a table, and I can see that it is running when I run the SQL script referenced in this message:

How do you view SQL running on an Oracle database

This shows my INSERT statement, but also a second statement that looks like a trigger or a stored procedure that is not referenced in the insert statement "mp_manual_pay", which is an abbreviation of the table in which I insert data.

I do not find this tag referenced in a trigger or proc stored, so I wonder what else it is. I have searched for sys.all_objects and I do not see any reference to this label / name. Any ideas on where to look for what exactly? (I guess that's the cause of a fairly slow insert, and I'd like to temporarily disable it during bulk insertion)

I've also run the script referenced in this post:

How to see the Oracle SQL statement being run

And that certainly seems to indicate that something else is going on, but I can not for the moment tell me where it comes from.