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Views of Onizuka anime watch a reformist biker gang leader who launches himself with a glorious ambition: meet sexy schoolgirls Yiwu recognition to be the greatest teacher. Ok, so it's mostly reformed.

Nevertheless, strict cadres are part of the ruthless animation team and criminal classes, Onizuka and his target, and use all means, illegal or weak, to distract the new teacher. It is excellent because the methods of Onizuka do not appear in any instruction manual. He deals with the difference between legal and illegal activities and ignores the age difference between him and a high school girl.

So, get ready for a math that does not end, use the anime to embarrass the language you slap and an adult to embarrass an adult man … of course, you are the great teacher Onizuka.

"Mushi": the most basic forms of life in the world. They exist only for a purpose or purpose other than var being Onlar. They are beyond the cartoon surveillance chains of the words "good" and "bad". Mushi can exist in many forms and can imitate things in the world, such as plants, diseases and even rainbows, natural folk songs.

However, there is an ambiguous definition of these living beings in the living world of Mushishi, even though they call them anime as a way of life, it will be too simplistic. There is little information about Mushi because most people do not know about their existence.

So, what is Mushi and why do they exist? It's a question that "Mushishi" is constantly cheating on Ginko. Mushishi, who studied Mushi in the hope of understanding the place of life in the hierarchy of life in the world of anime.

Ginko, to find an answer to the name of the event, rumors that can connect to Mushi follow the anime.

After all, it can reveal the meaning of life itself.

He managed to retain the title of Ippo Makunouchi, Japanese featherweight champion. Meanwhile, his rival Ichirou Miyata has resurfaced in Japan, targeting his Turkish featherweight belt at the Eastern Pacific Boxing Federation. But when the rest of the world begins to hit the world of the animated watch, will Japan's best fighters begin to challenge and triumph? Or will the small island country be crushed under the weight of larger assets? This time the world champions anime watch appellant Yiwu recognition They will be ready to show their souls!