TWRP cannot find backup – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

Motorola G4 Play, formerly with LineageOS/14.1 + TWRP 3.2

Made the mistake of trying /e/OS but before I did, I copied 2-TWRP full backups and a lot of other pics and data to my Mint 20 laptop. I have formatted an SD card to ext4 and created the .TWRP/BACKUP as suggested on another thread here from 6-years back and also tried the suggestion from another one here today. Cannot restore TWRP Backup because it cannot mount internal storage after reboot and the sdcard is mounted as suggested there.

Running TWRP I can see the sdcard and the TWRP folder (no preceeding dot shown), but nothing beyond that and I am unable to navigate.

How can I get to the backup to restore my phone to LineageOS. Should never have left, ahh, hindsight.