ubuntu – After resizing Azure Linux VM, data in the attached datadisk is lost. Why?

Here is the general information :

  • I created and attached standard SSD datadisk on the creation of the ubuntu VM.
  • Aplication files were on the datadisk.
  • I mounted datadisk following this tutorial except one difference : mounting disk on the $HOME/datadrive/ instead of /datadrive.

Then :

  • I resized Azure Linux VM size from B1s (1GB RAM) to B1ms (2GB RAM).
  • Server is restarted as expected.
  • After connecting via shh and listing content of the ~/datadrive, I realized that all the data is lost.

Is it because of the mounting under the home directory?

What should I do to not experience data lost in the disk again?

This is not anwering my question.