Ubuntu terminal command execution problem on external hard disk files

I can not complete a command in the Ubuntu terminal with files stored on an external hard drive. When I move a subset of the files on my primary disk and modify the path accordingly, it works fine. In addition, simpler commands (for example, ls) work perfectly on the external hard disk.
Here is my order:

for i in / media / ij / EXT / ARN  seq  data  2018  Genewiz / DJ1807193 / DJ1807193 / *. fastq.gz;
do java -jar ~ / RNAseq / trimmomatic-0.36.jar SE
-phred33 $ i / media / ij / EXT / trimmed / $ {i ## * /} ILLUMINACLIP: TruSeq3-SE.fa: 2: 30: 10; completed

(returns added for more readability)

The external drive is formatted in ntfs if that helps. From what I've read, this should not make any difference.
Thank you for any help / suggestions you can provide, and let me know what other information might help you help me.