Unable to use pathauto aliases for taxonomy terms in conjunction with views pages

I’m trying to set up pathauto aliases for a number of vocabularies to work alongside corresponding view pages. However, in doing so, I’m running into a 404s (“The requested page could not be found”) when visiting the view’s page path on the frontend. I suspect this is due to a conflict (and likely my misunderstanding of the relationship) between the views page paths and the taxonomy term path aliases. Note that I’m going to have a number of unique layouts and field sets for the various vocabularies, which is why I’m trying to create unique view pages and paths rather than the default taxonomy/term/% page.

An example taxonomy alias pattern is recipes/mealtime/(term:name).

Its corresponding view page path is recipes/mealtime/%, and it’s configured with the appropriate relationship (taxonomy field on the node) and contextual filter (term name with validation on the appropriate vocabulary). When I use the view configuration to preview with a particular term, I get the expected results.

The issue, however, is that when I visit a path on the frontend, e.g. /recipes/mealtime/lunch, I get a 404. Note that I’ve ensured that the path aliases have been generated.

What is the proper way to accomplish what I’ve described?

Many thanks in advance.