unbricking – How to recover the Samsung S9 + only in download mode

I've had a more rooted s9 samsung, on which I've installed the lineage and various other root settings. My main root application was magisk and after some problems while launching an application, I decided to uninstall magisk.

I then clicked on Uninstall in Magisk Manager and, a few moments later, a black screen is displayed. I can not start my phone in recovery mode or screen loading, only in download mode. I've tried using Odin to install a firmware and bring it back to stock, but Odin seems stuck on Set Partition (specifically sboot.bin.lz4).

I managed to successfully flash the recovery of the stock using Odin (which proves that odin can work in this state), but I can still boot only in download mode.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.