Unexpected email from Yorkshire Bank

I started receiving unexpected emails from Yorkshire Bank.

I have never been a customer. I do not remember asking for any of their products either, although I may have done so many years ago.

The first of the strange emails reads as follows:

Your partial postal code is 8NX

We have included your zip code at the top so you can be sure that this email
is Yorkshire Bank. To learn how to stay safe online, visit
Security Center

We sent your authentication code letter

Hi Mr. Stewart,

You should have received our letter containing an authentication
code now.

Once you have received our letter, you can confirm the code by clicking on
the button below to return to your application, then follow the instructions
instructions. This will allow us to progress in your application.

The sender seems to be legitimately email.yorkshirebank.co.uk, but the 8NX is DO NOT part of my zip code in any way.

There were 3 following emails, of an advertising nature.

I think ignoring would be the wrong thing to do, but I do not know what to do.

My main concern is that my identity has been stolen in order to get me Yorkshire Bank products, such as loans, for which I could be sued in case the identity thief fails.

Is it likely or even possible?

What other explanation could there be?